J.A. Croson takes pride in every project – an approach that has earned accolades for us over the years from customers representing a wide range of industries. The following testimonial excerpts are a sampling of longer pieces in which customers express their satisfaction with our processes, workmanship, quality and outstanding service throughout the process.


“…Your company’s contribution to the Landsouth construction team is greatly appreciated, due to both your timely completion of your phases of work, which resulted in zero schedule delays and the quality of the materials & installation. We received an outstanding finished product and at the same time we received competitive pricing from your firm. We look forward to working together again in the future…”
– Dan Riedel, Landsouth Construction; letter accompanying Certificate of Excellence in recognition of J.A. Croson’s contribution in the successful completion of Integra Meadows at Stoneybrook South.


“…We have been very pleased with J.A. Croson’s quality, ability to meet our schedules, safety and professionalism, and responsiveness to our needs. Their access to materials, their highly trained labor, and their Technical Design / Engineering Services made a huge difference on projects with the fast pace / critical path construction that [Roger B. Kennedy client] Westgate requires. I highly value the relationship between our companies and look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come. I highly recommend J.A. Croson for any Plumbing Construction, Design-Assist, or Design-Build contracts.”
– Michael J. Sundquist, Roger B. Kennedy, Inc.


“J. A. Croson subcontracted the plumbing on my very first Auver Apartments in 1990 when I was Executive Vice President with Roger Kennedy Construction. During my years through 2006 with RKC, Croson continued the same high level integrity, quality and scheduling, executing the majority of our 12,000 plus units. We could always count on “The Croson Team” to properly value engineer our projects for competitive pricing and less maintenance. Their strongest qualities were reliability, problem solving and attention to all details. As the Director of Operations, Multi-Family Division, for Jack Jennings & Sons I look forward to the same successful relationship with J. A. Croson for many years to come.”

– Phillip G. Baron; Director of Operations, Multi-Family, Jack Jennings & Sons


“J. A. Croson is a professional plumbing and air conditioning contractor with an outstanding spirit of cooperation. Their bids are competitive and they will meet or exceed your expectations for quality and service. We would not hesitate to use them on any project.”
– Bob McInturff, Walker & Company


“Their professionalism is second to none…they continually look for ways to deliver quality results…Croson knows how to serve their customers. It’s more than just a job to them, it’s a relationship.”
– Larry Muller, Winter Park Construction