Property owners have become increasingly aware of the importance of their building’s air quality, as well as the energy and operational efficiency of its HVAC system. A well-designed, properly installed HVAC system delivers tremendous positive benefits on every level, from healthier staff / occupants to lower utility bills – as well as environmental advantages.

As a full-service mechanical engineering design contractor, J.A. Croson can provide comprehensive HVAC system design and installation to achieve optimal overall performance, comfort, air quality and energy efficiency. Our in-house engineer and design build staff use the latest CAD software, and will work as part of your team for either new construction or retrofit projects.

We provide the following HVAC design services:

  • Plan and specification
  • Design assist
  • Design build

Our extensive HVAC experience positions J.A. Croson as an industry leader in developing innovations. We fabricate all HVAC ductwork at our Central Florida facility in a controlled environment to eliminate exposure to dirt, vermin, mold and moisture that ductwork is exposed to on a typical job site. This ensures superior system integrity and contaminant-free air.

We also prefabricate all copper refrigerant lines to length in our Central Florida facility – a process that includes pre-insulation, pre-wiring and capping at both ends. The line is coiled onto a spool according to a proprietary method developed by J.A. Croson, then delivered to the job site. Prefabrication has the advantage of keeping contaminants and moisture out of the line while it’s on the construction site.