A successful large-scale plumbing project depends upon much more than materials, fixtures and labor. J.A. Croson has the experience and capability to design, fabricate and install a total plumbing system that delivers dependable high performance over the years, functioning as a seamless part of the building’s infrastructure.

We provide the following plumbing design services:

  • Plan and Specification
  • Design Assist
  • Design Build

Our in-house engineer and design build department use the latest CAD software, and will work as part of your team to create the optimal solution. Licensed plumbers provide knowledgeable installation and service throughout the installation process.

The Croson Difference: Testing beyond the requirements

In all aspects of plumbing services, our proactive approach makes the difference. While water piping must be tested for watertightness to meet minimum building code requirements, we “double-test” after the installation of plumbing fixtures and drywall by forcing water through by up to three times the required water pressure (180 psi). If leaks are detected, the affected pipes can be easily replaced before the property owner takes possession and homeowners, tenants or guests move in – preventing a situation that can be both expensive to repair and damaging to a company’s reputation.