Design Build

J.A. Croson’s in-house design build team is led by Dave Croson, company CEO and licensed engineer. Croson’s 30-plus years of engineering experience is reinforced by his inclusive knowledge of all aspects of plumbing and HVAC system design, and how they need to function to meet the needs of the structure and its occupants / users. We utilize industry-leading AutoCAD software to ensure optimal design visualization and engineering accuracy.

Property owners are increasingly realizing the numerous advantages of the design build method, as it provides a comprehensive solution from conception through completion that saves time and money. Our design build service allows acceleration of construction time with the resulting reduction in engineering costs. In addition, we are able to evaluate your entire project and recommend more efficient designs, materials and process that can further reduce your costs.

This process also eliminates the need for your project’s engineer to produce bid documents in the same detail necessary for a plan and specification bid package. Construction begins immediately after approval of preliminary designs.

By taking complete ownership of the project, J.A. Croson reduces your administrative responsibilities, freeing your organization’s resources to focus on other construction-related responsibilities.

For projects that are not open to the design build option, J.A. Croson provides exceptional design assist and plan and specification services.