Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort
Orlando, Florida
2,000 Units
Hardin Construction

What do a lion, a mermaid and a small multicolored fish have in common?  They all share the same space at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort in Orlando, Florida. JA Croson LLC was contracted by Disney, and Hardin Construction to participate in the plumbing scope for this high density, mixed use project  with 1,260 time shares and 288 hotel rooms.

We were tasked with design assist, and Integrated Project Delivery, utilizing in-house CADS, and contracted 3D modeling.

A very aggressive, phased construction schedule necessitated working on 10 buildings simultaneously, at times with as many as 130 of our own employees on site, all done adjacent to an already operating property, so we didn’t want to disturb guests.

Since production rate was key in delivering this project, our BIM modeling enabled us to quickly and accurately forecast any trade conflicts until reaching a zero-conflict status,as well as predicting and controlling construction cost.

Croson’s 54 years of experience, and determination to exceed expectations enabled us to deliver a product that met the very high standards of both Disney and Hardin.2124 units in 22 months, done safely and on budget.     

We are very proud to have been chosen to partner with these two outstanding companies whose philosophy is the same as ours. “Excellence at all times in everything we do!”